New Clients

What to Expect

Dr. Yanok provides her services at your convenience at your home, office, Studio 11 in Tremont, Custom Fit Training in Westlake, or another agreed upon location. She performs assessments with just an area the size of a yoga mat on the floor (a yoga mat is not required but may be preferred by you if you don’t want to lay on the floor). A transportable massage table for treatments is available as needed. It’s recommended that the area be free of disruption, especially when manual therapy techniques are being performed, such as dry needling.

Required Paperwork

Please download, print, and fill out the following documents prior to your visit with Dr. Yanok. Otherwise, time taken to fill out your paperwork will count against the allotted time Dr. Yanok has scheduled for your visit.

Required documents (3) for new clients:

  1. Intake Form
  2. Physician Notification Form
  3. Care and Considerations

Form of Payment, Packages, & Additional Fees

Form of payment: Currently payment is collected at each visit in the form of check or cash. Credit cards are currently NOT accepted, however they likely will be taken in the near future; apologies for the inconvenience. If you want to use insurance or a health savings account, a receipt for your cash or check payment will be provided that you can submit in order for you to receive your reimbursement.

Collection of payment: Payment is expected upon completion of appointment. A receipt will be provided via email.

Travel Fees: Additional fees applies to any location that requires excessive travel from downtown Cleveland.

Packages: Save money by purchasing one of the following packages (excludes travel fees):
– 10 sessions: 5% discount
– 5 sessions: 3% discount