I have an -itis! Now what?

You’re going about your business, doing what you love (or maybe don’t at the moment) and a nagging pain comes on out of nowhere. It comes and goes, usually with activity, but it’s not bad so you ignore it. It comes back again a few days later, but it’s still not terrible. Slowly but surely, however, over months or even weeks or days, the frequency and intensity of the pain increases to the point it interferes with your activities, or even your work.Oh no! (1)

What do you do now?

Many people seek out physicians and imaging, which usually results in a diagnosis of some sort of -itis. Plantar fasciitis, bursitis, tendonitis, etc. They go through the gamut of x-rays, doctors, receiving pain medication and sometimes even injections or other more invasive procedures. They may or may not have been told to stop doing activities they love, or to take it easy at work. Then things get even worse.

It seems like a never-ending downward spiral that can’t be reversed, but that’s because most are going down the wrong path.

Most of the time pain that comes on out of nowhere, and not due to a sudden trauma like a fall or an accident, is due to an imbalance in the body. Some areas are too tight, some too weak, some just plain not activating at all! Your body is good at compensating for these off-kilter systems until it’s just pushed too far. The pain you feel is the last domino falling in a domino effect that has probably been happening for months, if not years.

But how do you stop and reverse it for good? See a movement specialist, a Physical Therapist, someone that can spend the time with you to ask you questions and watch you do many different movements to identify the first domino that fell causing this chain of changes and compensations. They can then prescribe exercises and possibly other treatments or suggestions, such as taping, change of footwear, massage, dry needling, etc. to help resolve your symptoms and get you back in action!