Stop injuries BEFORE they happen!

As 2015 is coming to a close, many are looking forward to 2016 and are preparingtext herefor new goals. Some may want to be able to hike a few miles, while others have an aggressive race schedule planned. Whatever your goals, nobody wants to have to slow or stop their progress due to an injury.

Accidents do happen but most injuries are directly or indirectly related to physical imbalances. Mobility and strength issues have usually been present, unnoticed for months, years, or even decades before any ailment comes to one’s attention, but with an increase of activity and strain on the body, people get sidelined.

The good news is that it is preventable! Seeing a physical therapist before an injury happens for a general assessment can reveal deficits that make a person prone to injury.

To celebrate the opening of Physical Learning & Health, LLC, Dr. Tonya Yanok,$50 special PT, DPT, will be offering a special on screenings at Transform HQ in Lakewood for the remainder of 2015, which will include an assessment of strength and mobility, as well as identification of problem areas and recommendations to help eliminate them and avoid future injury.

Screenings will cost $50 for a 50-minute session, normally $120. To make an appointment, call 216.322.5789, or submit an email with this contact form.

**Please note, these screenings are intended for those currently uninjured, as a current injury requires a full physical therapy evaluation. Also, this screening, although it aids in preventing injury, is not a guarantee that injuries will not happen in the future.**


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